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THE FUTURE IS HYBRID: an exploration of Gullbergsvass

The historically transformative site of Gullbergsvass is entering its next phase, to become apart of the city of Gothenburg. The course Architecture and Urban Space Design at the School of Architecture, CTH, has tackled the complex problem of architecture and city-making with the use of hybridity.


By combining uses, eliminating borders and filling the site with innovations, in the end, the students lay forth a vast variety of projects. Issues handled vary from the need for connection to necessity of urban production. Investigations range from sensory experiences to activation of spaces to places. Students address the issue of adaptation to both current and future challenges. The projects presented are a vivid combination of ideas and realities, imagination and research, opinions and agreements, all aiming to provide a new point of view on the future of Gullbergsvass.


The individual projects presented on this site all tackle the complex problem of city-making with different forms of hybridity, combining uses, eliminating borders and filling the site with innovations. The base for their presentation are the categories activation, adaptation, connection, experience, and production. As in the case of any hybrid, no project falls into just one category, and the categories are to be read as a keyword in the project’s result. We welcome you to explore their connections, and the concept of hybridity, together with us! 

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