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Cities are inevitably bound to water, a natural force that affects us in our daily lives. A relation that is vital for life but also a threat to our way of living. With the climate changing, the threats will only grow stronger. 

In 2023, the city of Gothenburg celebrates its 400 years jubilee. One of the main topics of the celebration is to embrace the city’s heavy rainfalls, making it the world’s best city when it rains.  

Through the lens of imagination and radical testing, Ter[rains] explores new approaches to manage increased amounts of water in the urban context. By treating urban water interactions as an asset and a source of inspiration, new explorative hydrosocial landscapes are formed. 

To materialize these hydrosocial conditions, the city center is transformed into hybrid terrains. A reimagination of architecture, infrastructure, and landscape as one, the speculative landscapes generate new forms of urban spaces. 



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